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About Stitch 'n Snip


Rena Hastings, owner and founder of Stitch n’ Snip, started sewing when she was 8 years old. Descending from a long line of seamstresses, Rena fell in love with the patterns, colors and designs that provided her with so many creative options. Rena always dreamed of having her own quilt shop where she could share her passion with others and be a part of their creative journeys as well.

In October 2004, her dream finally started to take root when she and her husband moved up to the little town of Garden Valley, Idaho, nestled among scenic mountains, and bought a store that she could mold into her quilt shop of dreams. Little did Rena’s husband know what he was getting himself into!

Within a few short months, Rena transformed a small building into a wonderland of fabric. Her cozy little shop soon became a main staple in Garden Valley and beyond, inspiring people to drive long distances to pay a visit to Rena’s quaint and welcoming shop.

Rena has a heart of gold, which many of her friends and quilting colleges will tell you about. She pours all of that heart in to her shop and shares it with all who come through her door. Her goal as a teacher and quilt store owner is to encourage students to improve their skills, with the latest quilting methods. “It’s always a thrill to see the “light go on,” Rena says, “As a student embraces and understands a new concept.”

She also has strived to make shopping at Stitch n’ Snip a personal experience and expects her staff to treat everyone like family. Rena’s vast knowledge and talent is evident in every project she creates. Raising 4 children (and teaching them all to quilt) has made her an expert in patience and perfected her ability to explain one method 12 different ways, helping her relate to quilters of all skill sets and choose top notch teachers.

Today, twelve years after opening her dream store, Rena continues to expand her inventory, creative designs and events. She is now launching a wholesale aspect of her business, showcasing original designs and patterns she created. Being a social person by nature, Rena has organized many events where women can come together as friends, as well as a quilting community, to share their passions and enjoy the fellowship of other quilters.

Stitch n’ Snip will always work hard to carry the most sought after fabric lines, quilting events, patterns and techniques. Our goal is to offer our customers high quality products, with exceptional service, treating all visitors like long time FRIENDS!